Maino PioPio Cabinet Incubator

The Smallest Range of Versatile Maino Cabinet Incubators, suitable for the young poultry-keeper to learn his/her trade!

  • Comes in two sizes holding up to 25 and 56 hen eggs or equivalent respectively.
  • Clear Perspex front for easy viewing of hatching eggs.
  • Easily Cleaned*
  • Electronic Thermoregulation of internal incubator temperature
  • High Precision Thermometer
  • Water Trays for humidity
  • Still Air and Forced Air options available
  • Manual and Automatic Egg Turning Options available
  • Digital Control or Analogue Control models available

The ME4XH is fully automatic. Select the humidity by press the T/U button until the UR% led is lit, then adjust the required humidity using the +/- buttons. the computer will then achieve and maintain that humidity using a supplied Ultrasonic Humidifier. Note: In areas of Very High humidity this control cannot reduce humidity, only increase it. This applies to very few areas in the world, let alone the UK.

This incubator comes with a high precision thermometer. The thermometer is put into a hole in the incubator lid, the incubator switched on and allowed to settle. Heating is indicated by a red led light on the top of the incubator. As the temperature is reached the red led will start to flash. This is normal and indicates the correct functioning of the electronic temperature control card. If the temperature needs increasing then a small knob on the top of the incubator is turned a small amount to increase or decrease the temperature.

Any egg from quail to goose sized egg can be incubated in the ME4 incubators

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