Covatutto 54 Egg Incubator Semi

A very good incubator with very good results.

The results of this model match 50 Egg Incubator showing that this is also a very good incubator. This easy to clean 40 to 54 hen egg incubator comes complete with fan assisted heater and transparent cover.

It has a varable temperture control and fitted thermometer. The incubator is fully insulated for use in cooler environments.

The eggs turned by a lever on the outside of the incubator which slides the tray floor which the eggs rest on. The movable egg separators can be adjusted to take any size egg. There is a automatic incubator model too.

Semi-Automatic egg turning fan assisted incubator, takes 40 to 54 hen eggs, depending on size.

Actual capacity depends on individual egg size; this chart should be used as a guide only and is not intended as a definitive list.

- dimensions (cm):58x41x37,5 h
- weight: 5,200 kg
- package weight: 7,400 kg
- capacity:48-54 eggs (hen)

Egg Capacity: Hen (54), Duck (40), Goose (15), Turkey (32), Guinea Fowl (60), Pheasant (60), Partridge (84), Quail (140).

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