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Amaryllis Flowers Categories

Amaryllis Categories into following categories:
Large Flowering Amaryllis, Double Amaryllis, Dwarf Amaryllis, Rare Amaryllis, African Amaryllis

amaryllis, amaryllis bulbs, amaryllis flowers, amaryllis flower plants, amaryllis giftsLarge Flowering Amaryllis:- These Amaryllis are the most common and popular of the Amaryllis family. There are many stunning varieties, ranging from glowing solid colors to festive stripes. These are about 8 to 10 inches in diameter. These Large Flowering Amaryllis are great indoors or out and supply vibrant color to your home or garden.

Some of Large Flowering Amaryllis varieties are:
Solomon Large Flowering Amaryllis - Salmon with White Heart
Susan Large Flowering Amaryllis - Rosy Pink
Clown Large Flowering Amaryllis - Striking stripes
Ludwig Dazzler Large Flowering Amaryllis - Dazzling White
Liberty Large Flowering Amaryllis - Velvet Red
Las Vegas Large Flowering Amaryllis - Red with White Star Center
Christmas Gift Large Flowering Amaryllis - Pure White
Red Lion Large Flowering Amaryllis - Deep, Rich Red
Minerva Large Flowering Amaryllis - Red with White Star Center
Orange Sovereign Large Flowering Amaryllis - Brilliant Orange
Apple Blossom Large Flowering Amaryllis - White with Delicate Pink

Double Amaryllis:- Double Amaryllis bulbs 26-28 cm, produce 4-6 Double flowers (flower within flower) per bulb. Double Amaryllis grows to an average of 20 inches in height. Double Amaryllis flowering time 7-9 weeks.

Some of Double Amaryllis varieties are:
Snow White Double Amaryllis - Pure White
Ragtime Double Amaryllis - Bold Red/Orange
Double Record Double Amaryllis - White Brushed with Red
Pasadena Double Amaryllis - Red with White Hearts
Lady Jane Double Amaryllis - Apricot Rose, Brushed with White
Rainbow Double Amaryllis - White Brushed with Pink
Red Peacock Double Amaryllis - Fiery Red

Rare Amaryllis:- Papilio, one of the most distinctive Amaryllis, and the Dwarf Lemon-Lime, light lemon yellow blending into a lime green center, unlike any other Amaryllis.

Some of the Rare Amaryllis varieties are:
Royal Velvet Rare Amaryllis - Rich Velvet Red
Picotee Rare Amaryllis - White with Fine Red Border
Papilio Rare Amaryllis - Light Green with Mauve
Lemon-Lime Rare Amaryllis - Soft Yellow Green Dwarf
Pink Floyd Rare Amaryllis - Pink with White Throat

Dwarf Amaryllis:- Dwarf Amaryllis are smaller than the large flowering Amaryllis, but by no means less impressive. The Dwarfs produce up to 18 flowers per bulb. Dwarf Amaryllis grows to an average height of 16-20 inches.

Some of the Dwarf Amaryllis varieties are:
Green Goddess Dwarf Amaryllis - Glowing Green Center
Baby Star Dwarf Amaryllis - Red with White Star Center
Naughty Lady Dwarf Amaryllis - Scarlet Red with White Hearts
Misty Dwarf Amaryllis - Mauve with White Tips

African Amaryllis:- African Amaryllis bloom in as little as 4 weeks. They have shorter, stouter stems to support their large blooms. African Amaryllis 26-28 cm bulbs are cultivated in South Africa.

Some of the African Amaryllis varieties are:
Merry Christmas African Amaryllis - Orient Red with Velvety Sheen
Bold Leader African Amaryllis - Bright, Velvet Red
Cocktail African Amaryllis - Red with Greenish White Center
Salmon Beauty African Amaryllis - True Salmon Color
Blushing Bride African Amaryllis - Blush Rose Color
Carnival African Amaryllis - Orange Red with White Rimmed Petals



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