Lovebird Mutations

Peachfaced Lovebirds violet pied

... African parrot that comes in a variety of color mutations, with information on species of lovebirds, diet, and breeding ... same species of lovebird, so you ...

Lovebirds - the 9 species

... information to potential lovebird owners and current owners of ... Masked Mutations. Miscellaneous >NZ Lovebird Society >Lovebird FAQ's >Lovebird Photos > ...

Lovebird Color Genetics Calculator

Genetics of color mutations in African lovebirds ... by Chris Rutt gives beginners the basics of how color mutations are inherited. ...

Blue - Whitefaced Blue - Seagreen Lovebirds

Peachface lovebird color mutations dutch blue whitefaced blue and seagreen ... unlike the "true" blue mutation of the Masked lovebird, a Blue Peachfaced still ...

Black Masked Lovebird, Masked Lovebird, Agapornis personata

Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Pet Bird Healthy and Happy ... a some popular color mutations of the Masked Lovebird, and while this bird is ...

Lovebird's Lair - Specializing in Mutation Peachface Lovebirds

Lovebird's Lair - Specializing in. Mutation Peachface Lovebirds. Champion Cameo ... Our parrotlet mutations include Green, Blue, Pastel, Blue Pastel, Fallow, Blue ...


A rainbow of pictures of various lovebird mutations, as well as articles on nest-building, clipping ... mutations, I am also fond of the Fischer's lovebird, ...

For the Love of Birds: Fischer Lovebird Babies

Handfed and hand tame ... the age I start handfeeding the lovebird babies. ... Lovebird Babies. Fischer Lovebird Babies. Dutch Blue Lovebird Babies ...

whats the different of lutino and albino lovebirds??

Both lutino and albino are mutations resulting from a lack of melanin. ... "The Masked Lovebird has several nice looking color mutation. ...

Peach Face Lovebird Mutations

Dutch Blue, Marine, Par Blue:
Australian Ino:
American Cinnamon:
White Faced:
Sea Green:
Orange Faced:
Black Cheeked:


Fischers Lovebird Mutations



Masked Lovebird Mutations

Slate Masked:

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